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Our offer includes comprehensive legal support on all the issues concerning new technologies or e-commerce law. We provide a comprehensive service to all customers operating in the e-commerce area. We also have considerable experiance in providing services to clients who are active in the media sector (including film producers, publishers or TV broadcasters). We also are very well versed in providing full legal support in all matters relating to cybersecurity and fintech issues.


IT / e-commerce:

  • Developing and or negotiating for our clients:
    • All the specific agreements relating to the transfer of exclusive rights (or the granting of licenses, as applicable) to any software or hardware,
    • Agreements relating to the implementation of software/IT systems in the company,
    • Any agreements, including SLA agreements, realting to the servicing and / or mantainance of software / IT systems, and
    • SaaS, IaaS and / or PaaS agreements.
  • Providing a comprehensive service to all customers operating in the e-commerce area, including in connection with the preparation of terms and conditions of services provided electronically, general terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookies policy, or support in the process of conducting online marketing activities.

Media law Services:

  • Preparing and negotiating all types of agreements executed by the daily and / periodical press / book publishers.
  • Preparing and negotiating all types of agreements executed within the process of production or co-production of audiovisual works, including movies and serials.
  • Preparing and negotiating all agreements relating to the acquisition of audiovisual materials from third parties for the purpose of broadcasting them by TV broadcasters or cable TV providers (in particular, within the scope of acquisition of licensed materials).
  • Providing ongoing support services within the scope of preparation and negotiating of any agreements relating to conducting promotional / marketing activities, including barter agreements, endorsment agreements and / or agreements for product / service placement.
  • Preparing rules of promotional actions and / or competitions organised in the Internet and / or as part of broadcasting activities.
  • Providing full legal support relating to any e-commerce activities, including VOD services.
  • Representing clients in all proceedings before the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT).

Cybersecurity and Fintech Services:

  • Adapting to the requirements of the Act of 5 July 2018 on the national cyber security system which implements Directive 2016/1148 of the European Parliament and the European Council of 6 July 2016 on measures for a high common level of security for networks and information systems within the territory of the EU.
  • Ongoing legal advice on cyber security.
  • Incident handling support.
  • Trainings on cyber security.
  • Preparing full legal infrastructure for clients active in the FinTech area, starting from the preparation of necessary documentation, negotiation of all agreements encompassing IT solutions used for the purpose of the provision of financial services and representing clients before adequate national institutions.


JSW Capital Group

Advice on the adaptation of companies from the JSW Capital Group, operators of key services, to the requirements of the Act on the National Cyber Security System.

Case study

PKN Orlen Group

Advice on the adaptation of companies from the PKN Orlen Capital Group, operators of key services, to the requirements of the Act on the National Cyber Security System.

Case study

Google Poland Sp. z o.o. and Google Inc.

Ongoing legal services regarding relations with collective copyright and related rights management organizations, consultancy on the localisation (i.e. adjustment to national legal regulations) of global solutions, products and services, and support for AdWords service regarding regulations on permitted advertising. Support in court proceedings concerning personal rights protection.

Case study

YouTube LLC

Advising on localisation (i.e. adjustment to national legal regulations) of the YouTube service in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Case study

eBay Inc.

Advising on a planned transaction involving the acquisition of exclusive rights to Poland's largest on-line transaction platform (Allegro).

Case study


Full-scope advisory to Danish company, EG A/S, one of Scandinavia’s biggest IT companies with more than 1,000 employees and departments in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Poland, and provides digital solutions for more than 9,500 public and commercial customers.

Case study

Diebold Nixdorf

Legal services provided with respect to the sale of the specific hardware and the implementation and / or maintenance of different software / IT systems installed in the cash registers and / or ATMs produced by the client.

Case study

Displate (GWD Concept sp. z o.o.)

Advice on a number of specific legal issues relating to the international online platform for sale of metal posters designed by the artists, especially with respect to the e-commerce requirements and intellectual property law aspects.

Case study

4Fun Media (4 Fun TV)

Comprehensive advice relating to different aspects of the Polish broadcasting law, in particular with respect to advertising and promotion activities, regulatory duties, acquisition of the audio-visual materials etc.

Case study


Legal services relating to the e-commerce and broadcasting activities conducted by the client, with particular emphasises on the VOD services and broadcasting of promotional materials.

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Our firm consists of nearly 60 people, including lawyers, tax experts and support staff specialising in a range of key practice areas and industry sectors, and located in three offices in Poland.

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