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Edyta Wasilewska

Associate | Warsaw

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As a practicing advocate and theorist, Edyta focuses on providing a practical business approach to her daily work, the basis of which is specialized knowledge in strictly defined areas of legal science.

Medical law | Life Sciences & Healthcare

Edyta provides comprehensive legal services for entities performing medical and healthcare activities. Starting from the registration of these entities in the relevant registers, to the preparation of complete documentation in patient service or supervision over contact with the National Health Fund. Edyta is the author of the book: “Methodology of work of an advocate and legal advisor in medical matters for compensation” (C.H.Beck). Edyta is currently working on a commentary to the new Act on clinical trials of medicinal products for human use and the Act on the protection of mental health (C.H.Beck).

Commercial Law

Edyta provides daily support in general commercial law, advising on a wide range of contractual matters including contracts for supply and distribution.

Data Protection

Edyta is a leading data protection expert and is a data protection officer for public entities. She monitors the security of personal data processing. She is an auditor, a GDPR trainer and the author of over 40 successfully implemented personal data protection policies in medical corporations and public administration entities. Edyta is a co-author of commentary on the provisions on the processing of personal data in the following acts: law on the prosecutor’s office, the act on voivodeship local government, and the act on poviat local government (C.H.Beck).

Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Edyta is also a member of the disputes team and advises on disputes matters. She is a leading expert on medical malpractice disputes.


LANGUAGE Polish, English, Italian
MEMBERSHIP - Advocate registered with the Warsaw Bar Association since 2022
- Committee for Adjudication of Medical Malpractice
EDUCATION - Doctor of Laws, Lazarski University (2018)
- Master of Law, University of Warmia and Mazury (2012)


  • Researcher in substantive work on the selection and development of final formal and legal procedures for hospital HB-HTA units based on the developed solutions and data from the analysis of good international practices of the project entitled: "Implementation of the Hospital-Based HTA (HB-HTA) system) Hospital Assessment of Innovative Medical Technologies ", as part of the Strategic Research and Development Program" Social and economic development of Poland in the conditions of globalizing markets "GOSPOSTRATEG, financed by the National Center for Research and Development.
  • Assistant professor - Elbląg University of Humanities and Economics. Academic teacher - extramural studies of 5 subjects, including: personal data protection, public and classified information.
  • Mediation Coordinator / project financed from public funds / operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice - Central Institute of Political and Legal Analyses, Provincial Center for Arbitration and Mediation in Olsztyn; Arranging mediation, providing support to mediators and mediation parties.
  • Speaker at a series of scientific conferences organized for the Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists in Warsaw in the field of civil liability of doctors and protection of medical personal data.
  • Expert of the legal department in the journal Świat Lekarza - Nowe Terapie.
  • Expert (lawyer's comments) on the website "Rynek Zdrowia".

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