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Michał Skoczyński

Language Department Manager | Warsaw

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Michał specializes in translation and interpreting in several languages. His linguistic knowledge is coupled with hands-on technical expertise (several years at the construction site of one of the largest traditional power plants in Poland) and medical expertise (certified EMT). Black belt in ISO 17100 deployments and optimization in the modern language industry. Since 2012 he has been closely connected to the clinical trials and healthcare industry as a communications and translations expert. He has completed a number of postgraduate courses in foreign law and was awarded the title of a sworn translator of English. He is passionate about automation, modern IT tools and workflow optimization.


QUALIFICATION Sworn translator of English
LANGUAGE Polish, English, German, French
EDUCATION - Faculty of Applied Linguistics and East Slavic Philologies of the Warsaw University (MA in applied linguistics English/German, major in conference interpreting, 2010),
- British Law Center of the University of Warsaw – Diploma in English Law and Practical Legal Skills (2019),
- British Law Center of the University of Warsaw – Diploma in Commercial Law (2020),
- American Law Center of the University of Warsaw – Diploma in American Law (2021),
- Medical University of Warsaw – Clinical Trials Methodology (2019).

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