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We, as a firm, are defined by our people. We believe that our core values puts us in the best position to both attract and retain top talent. From innovative startups to established multinational companies, B2RLaw’s clients are at the forefront of some of the world’s most interesting inventions, ground-breaking developments and challenging legal disputes. Our lawyers work side-by-side with clients throughout their entire lifecycle to ensure success at every step.

If you feel you are up for it, we encourage you to apply.


Law Students

A key to B2RLaw’s success has been the recruitment of talented and diverse individuals whose ideas continuously drive the firm and their self-development forward. If you want to work at a firm that empowers, and promotes achievement and growth, we invite you to contact us and learn more about B2RLaw.

B2R offers you the chance to work in a place filled with energy, momentum and smart people who love what they do and moreover love working with each other. We encourage our people to have a certain enthusiasm for their work, and bring an adventurous spirit with them to work every day. We embrace the fact that they also love new ideas, and enjoy being part of an organization that is prized for its innovation and teamwork.

What sets us apart is our approach to the way we work – our working culture. We believe in an open atmosphere in which you’re given the space and the support to thrive. We’re proud of our culture and we work at keeping it at the heart of all we do. This means our people are managed consistently, they know what to expect and are not afraid to tell us if we don’t behave in line with our values. The legal industry often encourages individualism and competitive behaviour. We consider that we as individuals excel, when we work closely together as a team.

This means that our clients have people working for them who are secure and confident and can focus on getting the job done with colleagues who think like they do, who know the benefit of mutual support and who share a passion for great client service.


B2RLaw welcomes lawyers who want to reach the top of their game. You will be surrounded by pioneering sector experts and offered stimulating work for innovative companies. B2R values and promotes diversity and empowers lawyers at all levels to shape their own paths to success. With sound financial management and a culture based on the foundations of entrepreneurship and collaboration, our lawyers are positioned to deliver both the quality and value that our clients seek. We have individuals joining us from various entities including government agencies, corporations and other law firms.

We actively promote and implement a healthy work-life balance. While we expect you to work hard, we don’t want work to dominate your life. If you’ve done what you need to do, then it’s time to go home. Sometimes the people we want to work with us can’t conform to a typical nine-to-five day. In these cases, we’ll look at flexible working hours to help you fit your job to your life and your life to your job. We’re ready to listen to any suggestions from anyone and consider any reasonable request.

This means our clients benefit from people who are relaxed, not afraid to think out of the box and know how to combine serious and hard work with fun and professionalism, making them great company.

Professional &
Services Staff

Whilst lawyers may be considered the engine of a law firm, we at B2R very much believe that it’s our professional and business services staff that keep the firm ticking. You’ll find less hierarchy and more meritocracy at B2RLaw. You’ll have more chances to work across departments and develop new skills, with fewer roadblocks to getting the job done.

We believe people are happiest when they’re not limited by a ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’ approach, so we encourage a more imaginative and collaborative working environment. Our staff members bring a level of professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to work each and every day.

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