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At B2RLaw, we understand new technologies and are fascinated by them. We are constantly educating ourselves and gaining experience. That’s why we are able to help clients with all issues related to new technologies. We provide full legal services to all clients operating in the NewTech field, both as industry players and investors. We understand your business and speak your language.


Transactions in NewTech sector:

  • assisting in technology transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and investments
    in the new technology sector;
  • conducting due diligence, preparing transaction documents and providing legal advice throughout the transaction process.

Preparation and negotiation of contracts:

  • assisting in drafting and negotiating contracts related to new technologies, including transfer of economic copyrights, technology license agreements, software development and maintenance agreements, data sharing agreements and service level agreements;
  • ensuring that contracts adequately address legal risks and protect clients’ interests.

Intellectual property:

  • consultancy on intellectual property protection relating to new technologies;
  • conducting intellectual property audits, filing patent applications, registering trademarks and drafting licensing agreements as well as relevant agreements with intellectual property creators to monetize intellectual property.

Privacy and data protection:

  • providing guidance on data protection and privacy regulations, including compliance with GDPR and other relevant laws in this area;
  • assisting clients in implementing effective data protection measures and responding to data breaches or security incidents.

Dispute resolution:

  • representing clients in legal disputes arising from the development of new technologies, such as technology contract disputes, intellectual property infringement claims or data privacy cases;
  • providing strategic advice and representing clients in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations or litigation.

Training & education:

  • organizing workshops, seminars or webinars to educate clients and stakeholders on legal issues and best practices related to emerging technologies;
  • informing clients about legal developments and helping them navigate the legal complexities of new technologies.

ESG for NewTech:

  • support in aligning operations with sustainable and socially responsible practices;
  • advising on environmental compliance, promoting diversity and inclusion, ensuring ethical sourcing and supply chain practices, and improving corporate governance frameworks.

Compliance for NewTech:

  • providing guidance on legal and regulatory compliance related to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT and cybersecurity;
  • advising on data protection regulations, privacy regulations, intellectual property rights and industry regulations.

Risk Management:

  • conducting risk assessments specific to emerging technologies to identify potential legal, regulatory and cybersecurity risks;
  • developing strategies to mitigate these risks and ensuring that clients’ operations comply with regulatory requirements.

Regulatory guidance:

  • ensuring that clients stay abreast of the changing regulatory framework and providing guidance
    to clients on industry compliance;
  • ensuring that customers understand industry-specific requirements and that customers comply with relevant regulations.



The Village Network

Advising an early childhood education technology company on two projects: raising financing from Movens Capital; raising financing from a group of investors, including Credo Ventures, 500 Startup and Tilia Impact Ventures.

Case study

Vinci S.A.

Advising on the investment of the Vinci S.A. fund. HiTech ASI S.K.A. in the company OASIS Diagnostics S.A. (a Polish MedTech start-up) - creator of an innovative system and medical device for perinatal diagnostics for nearly PLN 14 million.

Case study

Sprout Social Inc.

Advising a global leader in social media management and analysis software on the $140 million acquisition of Tagger Media Inc. and key software developed by Tagger's Polish IT center.

Case study

Audioteka S.A.

Advising Audioteka S.A.'s minority shareholders representing approximately 40% of the company's shares in a share sale transaction to Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A..

Case study

Bentley Systems Inc.

Advising infrastructure engineering software developer and digital integration firm Cohesive Group on the Polish aspects of its acquisition of Vetasi, a leading international consulting firm specializing in enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions.

Case study

Graham Partners

Advising a private investment firm targeting high-tech manufacturing companies on the Polish aspects of the acquisition of Taoglas Group Holdings Ltd.

Case study

Moffitt Cancer Center i OncoBay Clinical

Advising on an investment in OncoBay by Clinscience, a global clinical research organization based in Warsaw, Poland. The investment will provide Clinscience's parent company NEUCA Group with a majority stake in OncoBay. The total value of the transaction was $33.5 million (approximately PLN 150 million).

Case study


Advising a Polish unicorn on the acquisition of MyDr, DocPlanner's first acquisition on the Polish market. DocPlanner (operating in Poland as ZnanyLekarz), operator of a SaaS platform for medical appointments, has acquired MyDr, a provider of technology solutions for the medical sector, through its MyDr EDM and Dr100 software.

Case study


Our firm consists of nearly 60 people, including lawyers, tax experts and support staff specialising in a range of key practice areas and industry sectors, and located in three offices in Poland.

Rafał Stroiński

Managing Partner at B2RLaw Warsaw

Agnieszka Hajos – Iwańska

Of Counsel Krakow

Paulina Wyrostek

Counsel Krakow

Paulina Milewska – Mróz

Counsel Katowice

Konrad Czernecki

Associate Krakow

Magdalena Borychowska

Associate Warsaw

Julia Stroińska

Junior Associate Warsaw

Małgorzata Tomaka

Associate Katowice

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