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We focus our efforts only on the most effective methods of dispute resolution and willingly resort to arbitration when required. Dispute resolution is not only one of the key areas of our expertise, but also a passion of one of the firm’s founders.

Bartłomiej Jankowski heads the Arbitration practice and is admitted to the list of arbitrators in the Court of Arbitration of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. Bartłomiej is a frequent lecturer on arbitration and alternative methods of dispute resolution at the British Law Centre at the Law and Administration Faculty of the University of Warsaw, the University of Cambridge, and the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. Partner Roman Iwański also has extensive experience in arbitration, especially in the complex technical variety, when there is a need to employ party-appointed experts.

We appreciate the need to be cost-cautious in arbitration and for the client to be well informed about the entire process, including on costs. Whenever, in the interest of the client, we look for favourable settlement avenues. We advise and accompany our clients in negotiations and mediation, as well as providing support in concluding settlement agreements. Our extensive experience provides us with the ability to offer tested strategies that are tailored to specific needs of our clients.

We also offer arbitration services based on international investment treaties to both private investors and governments as well as investment agreements between investors and States. International Investment Arbitration is a good alternative to settling investment disputes by the national courts of the host State or through diplomatic protection.


  • Reviewing client agreements in order to implement arbitration clauses.
  • Advising on the collection of evidence and the preparation of a dispute resolution strategy.
  • Representing clients in settlement negotiations and mediation, including assistance in drafting settlement agreements.
  • Representing clients at all stages of arbitration proceedings.
  • Supporting the enforcement of awards.
  • Representation before international investment tribunals.


Large-area store network

Representing a large-area store network in a case before the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan and ad hoc courts.

Case study

International property management firm

Representing an international property management firm and their SPV (owner of a shopping centre) in a dispute with one of the tenants over complex technical issues that was heard by the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Case study

FMCG company

Advising a client from the FMCG industry regarding implementation of arbitration clauses to its contracts.

Case study

Shopping centre owner

Representing the owner of a shopping centre in a dispute with a tenant.

Case study


Advising mineral water bottler Spółdzielnia Pracy ‘Muszynianka’ in an investment arbitration dispute against Slovakia.

Case study

Bogl a Krysl and Max Bogl International

Advising Bogl a Krysl and Max Bogl International in an investment dispute against Poland and the Polish Road Authority.

Case study

Luxembourg Private Equity Fund

Advising a Luxembourg Private Equity Fund in an investment dispute against Poland on a real estate matter.

Case study

Irish Construction company

Advising an Irish Construction company in an investment dispute against Poland on road construction.

Case study

UK mining company

Advising a UK mining company in an investment dispute with Poland. The case involved litigation funding.

Case study

Schooner Capital LLC

Advising Schooner Capital LLC in an investment arbitration dispute against the Republic of Poland.

Case study

Landlord of office buildings

Advising on a commercial arbitration dispute concerning lease agreements.

Case study


Our firm consists of nearly 60 people, including lawyers, tax experts and support staff specialising in a range of key practice areas and industry sectors, and located in three offices in Poland.

Bartłomiej Jankowski

Managing Partner at B2RLaw Warsaw

Roman Iwański

Partner Warsaw

Edyta Zalewska

Partner Warsaw

Paulina Milewska – Mróz

Counsel Katowice

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