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The size and complexity of business organisations, as well as the increasing number of regulations and risks pertaining to their commercial activity, may cause several irregularities in the organisation. Such irregularities may compromise the company’s assets and reputation, which in turn expose its managers and employees to the risk of personal liability (civil and criminal).

These risks may be mitigated by the implementation of internal procedures, compliance with such procedures and commencing internal investigations should a suspicion arise (i.e. aimed at identifying the nature of any irregularity, its cause, the individual(s) responsible and preparing recommendations for further actions). While conducting internal investigations, we cooperate with audit companies which organise the technical side of the investigation (securement and initial analysis of digital data), investigation agencies and commercial information bureaus.


  • Preparing an internal investigation plan and communication with audit companies.
  • Participating in internal investigations, in particular in employee hearings.
  • Analysing digital data, collected and selected by the audit company.
  • Drafting an investigation report in cooperation with an audit company.


Energy company

Advising on an internal investigation in an energy company, related to the abuse of a company credit card by a mid-level manager.

Case study

Medical company

Advising on an internal investigation in a medical company, related to alleged irregularities in an employee’s conduct during a public tender.

Case study

Chinese multinational technology company

Advising a Chinese multinational technology company on a large cross-border data breach, with the perpetrator originating from Poland. Advice included dealing with law enforcement.

Case study

Royal Bank of Canada

Advising the Royal Bank of Canada, Canada’s largest bank, on investigations and tracing a money laundering scheme whereby multimillion Euro funds were transferred to a Polish bank.

Case study

Renewable energy company

Advising and cooperating during an investigation in a renewable energy company regarding irregularities in a manager’s activity.

Case study

Heavy industry group

Conducting an internal investigation related to alleged bribe offers of an employee of a heavy industry companies’ group.

Case study

Acquired company

Providing customer support in the investigation of whether there has been a breach of the contractual prohibition of competition by the sellers of the entity acquired by the company.

Case study

Multinational gaming company

Advising a large multinational gaming company on law enforcement investigations, brought by wrongful allegations from a competitor.

Case study


Our firm consists of nearly 60 people, including lawyers, tax experts and support staff specialising in a range of key practice areas and industry sectors, and located in three offices in Poland.

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