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Maciej Schmidt

Counsel | Krakow


Maciej has over 20 years’ experience in accounting, audit, tax and finance. For over 6 years he was a finance director and board member of the subsidiary of a British PLC listed on the London Stock Exchange with turnover of PLN 160 million (the global company having turnover in excess of GBP 1 billion).

He specializes in accounting, audit and due diligence, tax planning and tax issues relating to M&A transactions and corporate restructurings. He has advised clients from the FMCG, construction, IT and real estate industries working with multinational companies from the UK, Israel, France, Sweden, Portugal, Hungary and the Netherlands. He has held various executive directorships with Polish companies, and is the owner of an advisory services company.


QUALIFICATION Auditor I Tax Advisor
LANGUAGE Polish, English
MEMBERSHIP Member of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors, Member of the National Chamber of Tax Advisers
EDUCATION Graduate of the Academy of Economics in Krakow (1997) master degree. Completed an MBA diploma in finance from the University of Hull in 2002; from 2004 he has been a Member of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors; in 2010 he passed exams to be admitted as a Tax Adviser.

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