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Commercial Law

We strive not only to provide legal advice, but to achieve a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business and the market they operate on. That way our legal advice is not just sound, but also practical in its nature.

We provide our clients with the highest standards of legal assistance and offer various levels of legal services (e.g. incorporation, day-to-day advice, commercial agreements, sale and/or dissolution). Our extensive experience provides us with the ability to work effectively and efficiently with our clients’ employees and legal departments, identifying specific commercial objectives and providing practical solutions to achieve them. We strive to ensure that the specific needs of our clients are met by providing: (a) assistance when they need and within their timelines, and (b) direct and convenient access to the lawyers dedicated to the clients’ team.


  • Commercial Negotiations: We advise and represent clients in complex negotiations working closely with management to ensure that legal issues never undermined business goals.
  • Corporate Documentation: We assist our clients on the full range of corporate legal documentation (e.g. statutes, rules, model resolutions, internal policies, shareholder agreements).
  • Corporate Governance: Taking into account external regulations and internal corporate procedures, we advise management board members how to minimise the risk of violating binding regulations. We also provide advice to shareholders (including minority shareholders) regarding the enforcement of their rights.
  • Compliance: We analyse documents and internal corporate procedures concerning applicable laws, both national and international (e.g. US FCPA and the UK Bribery Act).
  • Training: We offer training sessions tailored to managers, members of governing bodies and investors, covering practical consequences of legal norms. We communicate in a practical manner, translating legalese into effective solutions.
  • Secondment programs: We select our most promising up-and-coming lawyers to work part or full time for a given client at their premise. We ensure supervision over such lawyers. Such a program may be an alternative to employing an in-house lawyer at the company.


Leading international management consulting company

Full scope of commercial day-to-day legal advice to a leading international management consulting firm, including negotiating client contracts, ensuring compliance with global standards, advising management on key sensitive issues, GDPR advice as well as employment advice.

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Providing day-to-day and transactional advice to the leading Polish, Silicon-Valley present, company both in ongoing business activities and their expansion.

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Polish Fintech start-up

Providing day-to-day and transactional legal support to a leading Polish fintech start-up.

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Electric charging stations company

Providing complex legal advice to a company engaged in constructing infrastructure for charging electric buses.

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Various public companies

Providing day-to day corporate advice for companies, including public companies.

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Various companies

Providing training seminars for managers, members of governing bodies and shareholders.

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Various companies

Carrying out audits (including compliance audits).

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Our firm consists of nearly 60 people, including lawyers, tax experts and support staff specialising in a range of key practice areas and industry sectors, and located in three offices in Poland.

Roman Iwański

Partner Warsaw

Malwina Niczke – Chmura

Counsel Warsaw

Luiza Wyrębkowska

Counsel Warsaw

Paulina Wyrostek

Counsel Krakow

Paulina Milewska – Mróz

Counsel Katowice

Martyna Szpakowska

Associate Warsaw

Eryk Czajkowski

Junior Associate Krakow

Bogusław Długowolski

Junior Associate Warsaw

Julia Stroińska

Junior Associate Warsaw

Małgorzata Tomaka

Associate Katowice

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