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Competition Litigation

We advise and represent our clients in various matters involving disputes with respect to competition law. Our team represents clients at pre-trial stage (negotiations and mediation), before common courts of all instances (including the Supreme Court), before permanent and ad hoc arbitration courts, and in proceedings before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.


  • Representing clients at the pre-trial stage of litigation in negotiations and mediation, including [both the parties themselves and professional mediators].
  • Advising and representing clients on claims concerning unfair competition.
  • Representing clients in cases involving breaches of trade secrets including, in particular, business know-how.
  • Representing clients in disputes concerning unfair competitive activity.
  • Representing clients in proceedings concerning theft and use of databases.
  • Representing clients in proceedings to secure claims [resulting in the immediate granting of protection for the duration of the proceedings.
  • Representing clients in matters that border on competition law and intellectual property law in the field of protection of works, designs, inventions and trademarks.
  • Representing clients in proceedings conducted by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.


Large retail chain

Representing a large retail chain supermarket in proceedings concerning acts of unfair competition (so-called “shelf fees”).

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Energy sector companies

Representing clients from the energy sector in cases concerning breaches of trade secrets by managers.

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Various companies

Representing clients from a wide range of industries concerning cases of violations of non-compete clauses by their employees and their contractors.

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Representing an investor in a case involving a breach of a non-compete clause by the other party to a transaction.

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Manufacturing company

Representing an entity from the manufacturing industry in proceedings concerning copying of its products.

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Pharmaceutical company

Representing an entity from the pharmaceutical industry in proceedings concerning copying of its products by their competitors.

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Member of Board of Company

Representing a former member of the company's governing body in a matter of pursuing claims for compensation for the non-compete clause.

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Pharmaceutical company

Representing an entity from the pharmaceutical industry in a dispute concerning the conduct of competitive activity by an employee.

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Distribution company

Representing an entity from the distribution industry in proceedings concerning marketing of a product identical to a registered industrial design.

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Our firm consists of nearly 60 people, including lawyers, tax experts and support staff specialising in a range of key practice areas and industry sectors, and located in three offices in Poland.

Bartłomiej Jankowski

Managing Partner at B2RLaw Warsaw

Edyta Zalewska

Partner Warsaw

Luiza Wyrębkowska

Counsel Warsaw

Paulina Milewska – Mróz

Counsel Katowice

Dawid Malinowski

Senior Associate Warsaw

Kinga Karaszewska

Associate Warsaw

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